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It's been a while, regardless of my lack of status, but there is a new piece up. Whoot, it has the same world as the last one but it expands a bit on the lore, up until now that world has been nothing, so there's that. I hope I can keep consistant with it but I'm trying to spoonfeed it out with pieces as motivation to regularly post. that ramble is done, hope you guys check it out, and as always C&C is welcome.


2014-09-22 17:23:53 by SiliconeSpectre

I get lazy as fuck on them

It's up...

2013-10-10 22:48:12 by SiliconeSpectre

So the new piece is up, I'd really appreciate some feedback as I did try a number of new things for shading and the background.

possible web comic

2013-01-05 23:39:24 by SiliconeSpectre

So a few friends and I were debating doing this as we are all kinda fucked up in the head, first things first though we need an art style to keep consistant. If this does happen expect some bat shit crazy humor and maybe some satire and references.